My 360 Viewers aren’t showing. What are the possible causes?


Every web page has a URL, or address, that starts with either "http:" or "https:".  The letter "S" means the website has some security measures in place. We won't get into details about website security here. It is important to understand that when a web page is secured all of the other elements, such as images and third party scripts (that's us), on the page are also served from secure servers. Good news. Imajize supports both types of servers and the fix is really simple.

  • Go the webpage where you want to display your 360 view in a web browser and click on the URL bar at the top. At the beginning of the url you will see either “http” or “https”. 
  • If you see https then you will need to find all occurrences of “http” to “https” in your embed codes. Once you make this change and republish your 360 views you should see the 360 view working immediately.

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Domain Whitelisting  
Are you using our domain whitelisting feature? It’s possible that this security feature may affect the viewing of images on test servers or third-party websites. To learn more about domain whitelisting  click here.
3rd Party Scripts & Security Measures
Some websites like Amazon or EBay have code in place that prevents the Imajize 360 Viewer from displaying in their ecommerce stores. In most of those cases you can create a link that opens the Imajize 360 viewer in a new window rather than Embedding it directly on the product page.
  • From your project view page, click “Embed” and then select the URL option.
  • Now simply copy the code provided and paste it into the appropriate place on your ecommerce provider's screen. 
  • Change "http" to "https" if necessary (see more details about https above).

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