How to constrain a spin to a fixed range of motion

Sometimes making a product complete a full 360 degree rotation is not possible. This is often the case when using a live model. We recently had a customer who wanted to shoot a model wearing a long flowing bridal gown. Since building a massive turntable wasn't possible for him we decided it was best to have the model start with her shoulder facing the camera and then rotate 180 degrees to show the rest of the dress.

But wait. Won't that flicker when the image loops back for the second spin?

Yes. There can be an uncomfortable jump when the user rotates the image a full 360 degrees if you leave all of the default customization settings set to their default values. However, you can modify some settings that will restrict the range of motion and prevent it from looping.

First, you may need to "reupload" your image files if your current group of files contains images that you don't want the user to see. Maybe you want to hide the back side of the product or item. Navigate to the product you want to change and click "more", then click "reupload". Upload only the images you want to display.

Now it's time to change some settings.

  • Click "Customize"
  • From the "Manual spin" menu select "Hover over"
  • Set Sensitivity = 1
  • Set Inertia = 0
  • Scroll down to "Auto spin" and toggle it off
  • Scroll back up and click "Save & close"

That's it! Now you should be able to move your mouse cursor left and right over the screen and see your object constrained to a fixed range of motion.

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