Creating image galleries with the thumbnail dock

Want to add a video or detail image to support a product's 360 image? Maybe you need to show a closeup image of a  or the sole of a shoe. The thumbnail dock feature allow you to include an image gallery with up to 6 images and 1 MP4 video. 

Here is an example of the image dock in action...

To begin, navigate to the project you are working on and click the "More" button found at the top right corner of your screen (1). Then select "Reupload" (2).

Now you will see where images or a video can be added. Click "Reupload" to add all of your images (3). Currently you must have all of your supporting images in a single folder before uploading. If you add another image later it will replace the previous thumbnail dock images. Imajize does not host videos but you can insert a link to video from a popular hosting service like Youtube or Wistia. 

After clicking "Reupload" click "Choose files" or drag and drop jpeg files over the grey area (4). When you are done click "Update" to save you changes.

The real magic of Imajize is how we process images into over a dozen sizes so they load fast on mobile devices and they show exceptional details on larger retina screens. Because we create and store many different sizes of images, it may take a few minutes for our system to complete the image rendering process. When it is done processing you should be able preview your 360 image and see the dock in action. Now it's time to customize it!

To change the appearance of the thumbnail dock click "Customize" in the top right corner of your screen. Now you will see the customization options on the left-hand side. Click "Thumbnail Dock" to expand the view. You can choose a background color or simply fade out the gradient. You can also add rounded corners and choose between showing images on thumbnail click or on mouse hover. 

Note to WooCommerce Wordpress users: You must first add the Imajize plugin to your website before adding any spins. When you paste your embed code into the product attributes screen, any image gallery that you created inside of Wordpress will be replaced by the Imajize 360 spin. You will need to use the Thumbnail Dock feature from within Imajize to add supplemental images to your WooCommerce product pages. 

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