Heavy Bandwidth & Storage Usage

If you're reading this, then you may already be among our small segment of Imajize customers who generate more bandwidth/storage than 97% of our users. If you generate more than 100,000 hits per month or store more than 1,000 individual 360 views, then we offer a special arrangement that lets us cover excess hosting costs while letting you decide how we do it. Thus, we offer you two simple options:

Option A: Allow Imajize branding on your 360 views (default)

  • Pros: It's free. Your storage and bandwidth remain "unlimited".
  • Cons: "Powered by Imajize" branding appears on you 360 views while overage occurs (see table below).
First 100,000 hits/month: Free First 1,000 products: Free
Beyond 100,000: $0 (Imajize branded) Beyond 1,000: $0 (Imajize branded)               

Option B: Pay for extra bandwidth/storage at a discounted rate

  • Pros: No branding. Extra bandwidth/storage rates are 50% cheaper than plan-inclusive bandwidth/storage rates.
  • Cons: If you go over on bandwidth or storage, you'll see an overage charge on your next invoice (see table below).
First 100,000 hits/month: Free First 1,000 products: Free
Beyond 100,000: $0.0005/hit (unbranded) Beyond 1,000: $0.05/product/month (unbranded)

How to change overage options

By default, your Imajize account is set to Option A (allow Imajize branding on your 360 views if overage occurs). To change this, simply log in and go to: Account > Plans & Billing Details > Overage Settings.

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